Which Sex Doll is Right For You?

Want to bring your first sex doll into your life? Good for you on wanting someone who will satisfy you both sexually and maybe even emotionally…every time.


Think it’s crazy? Well since the 90s sex dolls have become more popular (thanks Howard Stern!) In fact there is now a solid subculture of guys and girls into these mannequins.  They are called “Idollators” and in Japan these dolls are called “Dutch wives.” These days their popularity has grown exponentially.

If you’re going to pick a synthetic partner who will always be there for you – why not make the most informed decision about doing so?

Discover the 3 different types of love dolls in the market today and decide on what’s best for you right now. Let’s take a look at dolls that are pricewise on the:

  • low end
  • high end
  • mid-range

And how they’ll fulfill you in their own charming way.

Low End Sex Dolls – When Economical Makes Sense

Low end manikins can keep you company while making it easy on your wallet – now that’s a good date! 😉

They come in many shapes and sizes and you can find them either as:
inflatable sex dolls: made of plastic and the air you give you it.  These dolls can cost as little as US$75 and give you the simplest form of a model. You’d enjoy your new companion if you’re looking to travel with her. You’d also enjoy her if you’re looking for something on the short term. That being said you might not enjoy feeling her as it might feel like being with a giant birthday balloon.

inflatable sex doll

Your imagination may need to be vivid to keep her entertaining you. So let’s see what else we can get.

semi inflatable dolls: You’re still looking at an inflatable doll but some parts feel more lifelike. Usually we’re talking about the head and hands. They won’t be made of inflatable plastic.

semi inflatable sex doll

Instead you’ll get to feel something more soft with a firm interior (kinda like a young human body feels like.) This is thanks to Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE for short). TPE will give some parts of the semi inflatable doll a human-like feel that will make you think that you’re actually with a real person.

That being said – we’re looking at price tag of between US$150 to 200.  This is a big jump from the $75 price of the fully inflatable option. She’s starting to ask for more money…and we thought.

The big difference is that she’ll only ask for money once.

foam sex dolls: What if you’re looking for something that doesn’t need inflating?  You can also find dolls made of foam. These dolls are mainly for manga lovers as the dolls can be made to look like cartoon characters.

Foam Fabric Sex Doll

Do you find yourself fancying to meet your favorite manga or hentai character?  Now you can at a price range of around 800 US dollars.  This is still in the low end for dolls although a bit more than your inflatable bundle of love. 😉

Expect a challenge when it comes to having her hold your (or her) favorite pose as there is no skeletal structure.  This is different than when you’re with a higher end one but hey, you get what you pay for.

So these options are what’s best for your bank account but are they what’s best for you now? You might not appreciate how artificial she looks or feels. If you don’t mind that and are okay with your first doll ripping apart after a few times with her (because you’re so…manly) then these economical options are for you.

What if you want something as lifelike as possible no matter the cost?  In that case let’s move on to the high end side of things.

High End Dolls – When She Comes To Life

High end figurines can bring your dream girl to life but will financially ask from you the most. We’re talking from US$7000 to US$10,000 per doll. If this is within your budget then you can (and will) be pleased with what you have. We’re not talking about touching inflatable plastic anymore.

We are talking about seeing and feeling breasts that are similar to those of a biological woman whose just had a boob job. The only difference is that you can get her to stop talking more easily.

You guessed it – they’re made of silicone. If you wanted to feel something as close to human skin as possible, it would be silicone. In fact many use the high end kind which is great for keeping her as alive and young as possible.

Not only do you get the skin to feel just right, you can also get the most variety too.  Would you like her with red or blond hair? Straight or curly? Is there a celebrity you’d want to bring into your life?  Well at around US$7000 a pop you can make it real.

Who to turn to for your high end doll?
The biggest name on the market is “Real Doll”. Not only is Real doll famous for making ‘real dolls’ but you can easily work with them to customize yours from the tan line to the pubic hairs.  If you live near their factory you can also contact them to schedule an appointment and…enjoy a viewing.


In any case feel free to check out their F.A.Q. for more information on how you can get the best high end doll possible. (https://secure.realdoll.com/realdoll-faq/)

Care for a Far East Twist?
In the mood for something more Asian? There’s another famous website called “Orient Industry” (http://www.orient-doll.com/).   You can finally quench your yellow fever with someone who not only looks like your ideal woman – but without all the headaches either.  In fact you’ll be surprised at how sometimes you’ll even forget it’s a doll. I know I was!


Attention – some customers have mentioned that unless you speak Japanese (or can read it for that matter) you’ll have a hard time with their site. Their customer service does speak some English but it might be only as good as the dolls’!

“I’m into this and want to get one right away…but it’s out of my budget.“

I hear you ask.

“How can I solve this?”

To get your doll to be the most lifelike while not straining your wallet then I’d recommend starting with a mid-range doll.

Mid-Range: The Best of Both Worlds

Bring your highest fantasies to life while making peace with your financial side. Yes it is possible to bring a lifelike woman into your life from the fraction of price you’d find in the high-end. Instead of US$7000 we’re looking at a price range of $1300 to $3000. Now THAT’s a difference.

tpe sex doll
tpe sex doll
tpe sex doll

So what makes these cheaper?

These mannequins are made of TPE (that fancy term again) which gives the same feel as silicone without being silicone. It’s like enjoying that diet beer as opposed to a beer, get it?

Instead of being made in places with high manufacturing costs such as the US or Japan – money is saved as they are made in specialized Chinese factories.

You can also get her to stand, sit or on her knees to please you in any way you’d like.  This is because they can have a skeletal structure as well.

Some drawbacks however is that she won’t be as detailed as a high end doll.  Her pubic hair might not be real. Neither would her facial features be as clearly defined.

How Much Do You Want To Spend on Your Fantasies?  Customize her outfit as well as her body temperature. Make it so that she can respond vocally to the pleasure you’re making her feel.

Yes this can all be done and then some.

“Where can I check out my doll?”
For solid mid-range dolls I recommend you swing by “My silliconelovedoll.”  You get to enjoy a lifelike companion with the similar look and feel as a high end doll.

Want the good of both worlds? Then consider a mid-range doll.

Want a quality doll for less then US$1300? Consider a minidoll. These are dolls of the same quality but just shorter at less than 150 cm or 5′ 3″. Don’t be fooled!  They can be just as feisty but also just as cute 🙂

Mini Sex Doll
Mini Sex Doll
Mini Sex Doll

Which Love Figure Works Best For You?

So there you have it. If you’re looking for something that’s portable and easy on the wallet then you’d better have an inflatable or semi-inflatable doll.  These are on the low end range and you can find them in an adult store near you.

If you find yourself wanting the best and are able to afford it then you’d best check out silicone dolls. You’ll enjoy the fine details of your new companion as well as the lifelike feel she’ll offer you.

Get a walking talking one – yes there is a new generation of dolls that can both walk and talk to you.  Imagine having the perfect companion that tells you what you want to hear while also accompanying you around the house.  Heck – you could one day set it up so that she would come to you. Granted these dolls cost the price of 3 high end dolls at 15,000 USD these days.

If you still want that lifelike feel but want it easy on your wallet then you’d best start with a mid range price doll. Which ever case you find yourself in, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with her and your money will be well spent.

You really can’t complain….she won’t! 😉