Real Love Sex Doll

Real Love Sex Doll is one of the most famous and largest online shop for sex dolls. They sells both TPE & Silicone love dolls. They are one of the top seller of wm dolls, although they also sell some JM Dolls. Their company is registered in the USA. They offer some custom dolls, that is why they have one of the best choice of sex dolls. Their pricing structure is a little bit more confusing than on other website though. The initial price you see for each doll is generally not the price you need to pay to have the doll shown on the picture. Instead, you need to choose some paid options that will make the doll much more expensive than the price initially shown. Proceed with caution to make sure the total price with options is not too different from the initial price and also make sure you have selected the right options to have the doll shown on the picture.

  1. Very bad experience shopping on this website. First they over charged my credit card. I bought only one doll but they charged me 2 dolls. I was very furious and frustrated, and it took many emails to solve the problem. Their technical staff is absolutely incompetent and not serious. After they finally solved the problem it took a lot of time before I received my doll, way more than what they advertised. probably more than 5 weeks, which is unacceptable. The doll I received is good, but, phew, what an ordeal to finally get that doll.REPLY 
  2. MICHAEL on I paid 2 weeks and still no information about shipping. should I call my credit card company to cancel the transaction ? is this a fraud?REPLY 
    • SEX DOLL MAG on Hi Michael,before calling your credit card company check with them first to see if everything is alright with your order and see what they say.REPLY 
  3. ARIZONAGUY on the options on their websites are really misleading … I bought there because I thought they had the best price. How wrong I was! I didnt pay attention that by the time I had chosen my options the bill went up significantly ! I paid, and a few days later when I double checked my transaction records I had the unpleasant surprise to realize how inflated the bill was ! basically, if you ever had to book a flight ticket, you would understand what I am taking about ! you are shown a very low price at the beginning, but during the whole process different items are added to the total, with you not always noticing. I really dislike that sort of selling trick..REPLY 
    • TOXICTOMAS on the same experience happened to me. I rushed to buy on real love sex doll because I thought the 155cm wm doll was way cheaper on their website only to realize the price they showed me wasnt for the 155cm versio but a smaller one. To get the 155cm I had to choose a paid option, but when I did I didnt realize I needed to pay extra for this. In the end it was actually was ABOVE the prices of other websites. Its the last time I will let myself fall for that sort of trap.REPLY 
    • DANTE REE on when I was reading your comment I couldnt help to feel exactly the same way. I almost bought a wm 140cm on rlsd just before realizing with all my options it would be much more expensive than the initial price. bought on another website instead.REPLY 
  4. BOBBB A on I dont really understand why they are all these negative comments. I bought a maintenance kit on reallovesexdoll and didnt get any problems.REPLY 
  5. BLUE_TURTLE on the first and only doll I bought on real love sex doll arrived 3 weeks AND I had to pay import taxes AND they couldnt care less about it.REPLY 
  6. ULYSSEDOLL on I ordered on their website 1 month ago and only received tracking number recently…
    customer service very very slow….
    for the price I paid I am not satisfied at all !!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁REPLY 
    • SEX DOLL MAG on feel sorry for you for this bad experience..have you tried to contact them to give them some feedback? maybe this was just bad luck for you?REPLY 
    • ULYSSEDOLL on I did send them an email to complain but they answered in a very rude and careless way 🙁
      it doesnt seem like they care about their customers..REPLY 
    THe skeleton of the doll I received was very noisy and hard to manipulate, and the skin was very damaged…
    They refused to give me a refund because they said that once the doll is sold for health reasons it cannot be returned ….REPLY 
  8. AKIM on why so many bad review?I order on their website and had my doll, absolutely no problem !I give them 5 stars !