Sex doll Scams

ost online seller of sex dolls are safe and serious. However a small minority of online shops are actually scammers and unfortunately damage the reputation of the industry. Let’s see who exactly and why.

shopoza sex doll scam

What is a love doll scam?

In general, websites which do one or a combination of these:
– Do not post pictures that accurately represent dolls actually sold
– Deliver inflatable dolls instead of solid sex dolls
– Do not deliver dolls ordered at all
– Show incredibly low prices for supposedly high quality dolls (ex: realldolls)
– Illegally use copyrighted images of doll, in general to deceive customers

Sex doll scams websites is a scam website. is a scam website. is a scam website.
There are certainly other as well, but those 3 are the most “infamous” in the industry.

Dolloza scam debunked

First thing that should alert you on it says, “Premium sex dolls 50% off”. How is it possible? Premium sex dolls are premium products (i.e expensive). Have you ever seen a brand new Roll’s Royce at a 50% discount? No, there is no such thing. Remember: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Then, when you look at the love doll pics on their website, you cannot help notice that there are actually directly copied from the original Real Dolls website. Just go have a look on their website, and you will find out about the actual price of real dolls: around 7000 USD a piece. Not quite like the few hundreds dollars advertised by Dolloza.

Quite a few readers mentioned they have never received the doll ordered, or received a cheap, faulty product instead, and only many month after the purchase.

For Shopoza, I will not go into as much details as for Dolloza, but basically their scam plan is very similar to Dolloza, and I would not be very surprised it is actually the same owner.

How to protect customers?

Spread the word

First of all, please help spread the word, in order to protect customers. If you have a website somehow related to dolls, please post a blog article (you can also link to this article) to inform fan enthusiasts.

Take scammers off google?

Out of these 2 online scams, is actually the most serious, because it appears at a very good position when you type “sex dolls” in google. I am pretty sure a lot of people got scammed because of that. If anyone has an idea of how to alert google about this, please let us know. There might be some kind of reporting procedure for fraudulent websites like these.

Grow this list

If you know a scamish website, or have been personally abused by one of them, please do report it to us. We will carefully examine your claim, contact the website to better understand the situation, and if enough elements tend to prove the scamish nature of the website, we will included it in this list and spread the word.

Please note: DO NOT ask us to put on this list legitimate websites that you just do not like or have disappointed you as a customer (unless it is actually a scam of course). Websites mentioned in this article are only real sex doll scams, don’t try to use this as a way to bash websites you don’t like, or competitors. Thank you for your understanding.