Silicon Love Doll Review

My Silicone Love Doll is one of the most famous and largest online shop for sex dolls. It sells both TPE & Silicone love dolls. They are one of the top seller of wm dolls, although they also sell some JM Dolls and Hitdolls. Their company has been registered in Hong Kong since 2014. They have a lot of positive customer feedback on their website and on other community websites.





  1. JEAN on good experience with mysiliconelovedoll
    I had my doll 2 weeks after I ordered from them
    reliable & serious vendorREPLY 
  2. PAUL34 on I give 5 stars to mysiliconelovedoll. already 2 purchases on their shop and I was satisfied 100%. will definetly shop there again.REPLY 
  3. SEX DOLL LOVER on Yes you are right they are a good and legit sex doll seller online and thank you for the review.REPLY 
  4. BRAD on AMAZING service at msld ! I have never seen customer service reps being some pleasant and helpful ! they took so much time to help me understand what would be the best doll for me, all the different options, how to do the purchase and how to maintain my doll after !REPLY 
  5. STANLEYY on I purchased from them 2 month ago and they deliver exactly the doll I ordered.
    Between purchase and delivery they gave me regular status update, and they always were very responsive to all my questions, even I asked them so many questions !
    Julian Lacombe (CEO of mysiliconelovedoll) does a really great job. He is really an expert in dolls and give very good advice to his customers. I have heard many customers praising his customer service !This is the video of the doll they sent me: 
  6. BIGBIRD on the dolls on this website are gorgeous, and the doll delivered to you are as beautiful as what you see on website. If you are a bit afraid for your first doll purchase, you can try to go for an “affordable” doll like the wm 100cm at 1300 USD. then later when you will feel more comfortable you can buy a more expensive one. Thats what I did for Ashley, and its been amazing to have this hot lady constantly available and close from me.REPLY 
  7. THEDEVIL on feedback from my experience with this website.
    before purchase I sent them many questions on email and on their chat, they answered everything pretty well.
    after my purchase I still had other questions and they treated me really well even though I had already bought.
    And their doll was really excellent (I bought 140cm vanesssa).
    Really good website !REPLY 
  8. FRED on Before buying a love doll I was a bit afraid to spend so much money online, but Julian Lacombe of Mysiliconelovedoll was really great at making me feel more comfortable and has been so helpful during the whole process ! In the end I bought Ashley the 5ft 1in doll with huge breast, and its being amazing using her!
    Strongly recommend going with these guys definetly wont be disapointed with their dolls.REPLY 
  9. CHRIS S on I have ordered from them but the wig I received is different from the one I ordered, what should I do ?REPLY 
  10. DANTE on Amazing choice of dolls on their website I am a big fan !
    I am saving money each month and hopefully for christmas I will be able to make myself a nice gift !!!I havent bought one myself but one of my friend already ordered from them and he received a good quality doll, so I beleive these guys are legit.REPLY 
  11. HAREMGUY on I would like to buy a doll from them but I really wonder what the skeleton looks like.
    Does anyone have a picture of skeleton ?REPLY 
  12. MARK on Great service at mysiliconelovedoll , they customer service answer very quickly and very professional attitude. I just wish they also offer other dolls than wm dolls.REPLY 
  13. HARRI LOPONEN on I have also say that they have briiliant custom service and chat, helped me in ordering and later questions about shipping